About Us

Enwair Enerji Teknolojileri A.Ş. has been serving in the energy storage sector since 2015. It started its activities by developing anode, cathode and polymer materials to produce new generation lithium ion batteries, and continues its R&D studies on battery chemistry, electronics and material structure. Enwair is preparing to take its place in the market with silicon-based anodes and lithium-rich cathodes, which will be commercially launched for the first time in Turkey and the world. Its expert staff on master's and doctoral educations, energy production, energy storage and energy materials consists of young engineers and chemists who are competent and prone to today's dynamics.

Manufacturing of Anode and Anode Material Based on Silicon for High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries

Silicon based anode material was developed for high capacity lithium ion batteries.

The Institution Where the Support was Received: KOSGEB

Start - End Dates:2015-2017

New Generation Smartphone Design in which Advanced Technology Domestic Lithium Ion Battery will be Developed

Cathode material and high performance anode material have been developed for fast charging mobile phone Li-ion battery.

Support Received from TUBITAK

Start-End Dates: 2016-2018

Hybrid Materials for Si Surface Passivation and Battery Applications

High performance silicon anode was developed by surface modification of silicon anode active material with conductive polymers

Supported by: European Union (M-era.net)

Start-End Dates: 2017-2018